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Interiors Photography – Stairs


As an Photographer specialising in Architectural and Interiors Photography I love architecture. I love homes and other cool spaces and I have a huge amount of respect for architects and trades people. So Today I am going to pay a little homage to the humble stair. Often just a way of getting from one space to another, a circulation space but it can and often is a bit more, a beautiful element or a useful addition.

While it is a way to link spaces, you can create a thing of beauty while still letting the view speak for itself:

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Architectural photograph of a feature stair case in Dublin

Interiors photography helps show off how the stairs make an entrance into a centrepiece of the home:

Stairs in the entrance hall

Stairs can be a fantastic feature piece with in a home. in this case it made a large entrance into a Grand Entrance


being a little more useful:


In some cases Stairs and hall hide so much of the functions within a home

An architectural element is really brought out using great architectural and interiors photography


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A modern mews where the stairs a distinctive design feature

or being a thing of beauty and fantastic workmanship:

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An unusual look at a spiral stair case showing of some fantastic design

Interiors Photography is about helping businesses tell a story to their clients, here is a little bit of the story behind these pictures. I like to give a little bit of BTS (Behind the Scene) information out on how I take my pictures. In this case I think I will mention the last image of the spiral stair case. This was taken hand held as the last picture on a shoot. I rarely shoot hand held but once I spotted this shot I knew I had to take it. There was no way to set up a clamp or tripod here so arm out stretched I held a Canon 5d mark 2 with a 17 mm TS L, I had to knock up the ISO to allow for a fast shooter speed so I had to use an extra layer of processing to reduce the digital noise.



Welcome To BML Media’s Blog

Welcome to the BML Media blog. BML media helps businesses tell the story they want to get out to their clients, future clients and partners. Using stunning photos and great video, businesses can connect a wide range of people.

BML Media specialises in photography and video for Architecture, Interiors, Hospitality and a range of construction businesses.

Subjects that we hope to cover will include behind the scenes footage, photos and descriptions, equipment talk and general info about what BML Media does. Hopefully businesses as well as amateur and professional photographers will find this interesting and beneficial.

This is a highly technical and specialist area, so if anyone has any questions or request of topics to cover please feel free to send a mail to

Interiors Photography – The Kitchen


Before looking at other types of Photography I thought I would look specifically at interiors and in particular the heart of any home, the kitchen.

I have been really lucky and had the chance to photograph a wide variety of beautiful homes for a selection of different clients who wanted to tell a selection of stories to people.

When photographing a kitchen the first thing one must establish is what the purpose of the shoot. Some of the most obvious reasons to photograph a kitchen is to show of a kitchen manufacturers work. Many of the kitchens I get to photograph are beautifully hand crafted by trades people with years of experience and unbelievable levels of skill.

Other Kitchens are photographed to show off the architecture and how the kitchen fits in to the story of the home while allowing the architects story continue.

The one thing that rarely changes no matter who the client is, is the idea that you want the viewer to look at the kitchen and know that they will be able to see themselves and their friends and / or family in that room with them. The viewer will be able to imagine a scene or a story that would include them in this kitchen.