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Showing the relationship between the architecture, built environment and / or surrounding landscape is key to architectural photography. Choosing the best position, the best time of day and the right equipment is a substantial part of architectural photography. Knowing how to bring these elements together to create a stunning architectural image is what makes architectural photography such a specialist area. Brian MacLochlainn has been capturing a wide range of architectural and interiors images for many years. He works with both residential and commercial architecture / property and has photographed these in several ways including using elevated and arial platforms as well as during twilight or at night.

Architectural Photography

It can take ten minutes, ten hours or ten days to take the perfect photograph for your business. BML Media will discuss your needs and work on the right solution for you.


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Using the most up to date equipment and techniques BML Media can create exceptional images that suits your needs. Often Brian will work “tethered” this is where he controls the camera with an iPad, the client can also be given an iPad and can view the images as they are being created so they can give feed back or ask for changes straight away.This speeds up getting the process and can makes sure you are happy from the onset.  

For more information check out our blog. Some of the posts will contain behind the scenes and work flow information relating to Architectural Photography.