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Interiors Photography – Stairs


As an Photographer specialising in Architectural and Interiors Photography I love architecture. I love homes and other cool spaces and I have a huge amount of respect for architects and trades people. So Today I am going to pay a little homage to the humble stair. Often just a way of getting from one space to another, a circulation space but it can and often is a bit more, a beautiful element or a useful addition.

While it is a way to link spaces, you can create a thing of beauty while still letting the view speak for itself:

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Architectural photograph of a feature stair case in Dublin

Interiors photography helps show off how the stairs make an entrance into a centrepiece of the home:

Stairs in the entrance hall

Stairs can be a fantastic feature piece with in a home. in this case it made a large entrance into a Grand Entrance


being a little more useful:


In some cases Stairs and hall hide so much of the functions within a home

An architectural element is really brought out using great architectural and interiors photography


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A modern mews where the stairs a distinctive design feature

or being a thing of beauty and fantastic workmanship:

web pf fp 2012e

An unusual look at a spiral stair case showing of some fantastic design

Interiors Photography is about helping businesses tell a story to their clients, here is a little bit of the story behind these pictures. I like to give a little bit of BTS (Behind the Scene) information out on how I take my pictures. In this case I think I will mention the last image of the spiral stair case. This was taken hand held as the last picture on a shoot. I rarely shoot hand held but once I spotted this shot I knew I had to take it. There was no way to set up a clamp or tripod here so arm out stretched I held a Canon 5d mark 2 with a 17 mm TS L, I had to knock up the ISO to allow for a fast shooter speed so I had to use an extra layer of processing to reduce the digital noise.