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RTE’s Rebellion, some of the buildings it was filmed in

Many of us have tuned in over the last few Sunday nights to watch “Rebellion” RTE’s latest period drama. Based around the 1916 Easter Rising the story is a drama rather than a documentary and sections of it were filmed inside two really interesting period homes that I was asked to photograph last year. The homes were side by side and both in various levels of decay. They were 2 family homes of the Guinness Family, one built around the 1850s and the other build just after the turn of the century. So for those of you who would like to see a little bit more of these spectacular homes, here you go:

The North house, built around 1908:

The South house, built around 1850:

As a commercial photographer who specialises in architecture, interiors, construction and hospitality, I am lucky enough to get to see some really interesting homes and buildings. However this was one of the most interesting homes I have ever been lucky enough to have photographed.

Interiors Photography – A Recent Kitchen shoot

A few weeks ago I had the chance to photograph a lovely kitchen. The Idea of kitchen photography is to tell a story that in turn gets a client to connect with the story. This story is is all about the tradesman-ship that went into making this quality kitchen. Combined with a beautiful design and a great country location this may have been one of the nicest homes I have been in this year.

Beautiful Kitchen, interior photograph from Kildare  Wicklow

Beautiful Kitchen, interior photograph from Kildare Wicklow


I thought it would be nice to show all the images that were delivered:

Kitchen / Interior Design / Architectural Photography

Kitchen / Interior Design / Architectural Photography


Alternative view

web 1dtighter detail imageweb 1f1 The important stuff web 1f5 web 1f4 web 1f3 web 1f2

This kitchen had an amazing feeling, and if it was not really misty outside I am sure it would be even further helped by a stunning view

This kitchen had an amazing feeling, and if it was not really misty outside I am sure it would be even further helped by a stunning view



If anyone is interested in the BTS stuff these were all shot on either a Canon 5d mk3 or a Canon 6d. I mainly use 2-3 lenses for interiors like this and an 1.4 extender. These lenses are the Canon 24mm TS mk2L, the Canon 135 f2.0L and the Zeiss Otus 55mm f1.4. I do not use regular zoom lenses as I do not like the quality or optical imperfections. The cameras are placed on a manfrotto tripod with a geared head and once set up they do not get touched while shooting, adjustments are made via wifi as the cameras are controlled by iPads. Lighting is controlled with up to 5 strobes, a GL1 hot light, light modifiers and multiple exposures. If you have any questions why not drop me a mail.


Interiors Photography – Stairs


As an Photographer specialising in Architectural and Interiors Photography I love architecture. I love homes and other cool spaces and I have a huge amount of respect for architects and trades people. So Today I am going to pay a little homage to the humble stair. Often just a way of getting from one space to another, a circulation space but it can and often is a bit more, a beautiful element or a useful addition.

While it is a way to link spaces, you can create a thing of beauty while still letting the view speak for itself:

web pf fp 2011d

Architectural photograph of a feature stair case in Dublin

Interiors photography helps show off how the stairs make an entrance into a centrepiece of the home:

Stairs in the entrance hall

Stairs can be a fantastic feature piece with in a home. in this case it made a large entrance into a Grand Entrance


being a little more useful:


In some cases Stairs and hall hide so much of the functions within a home

An architectural element is really brought out using great architectural and interiors photography


web pf fp 2011h

A modern mews where the stairs a distinctive design feature

or being a thing of beauty and fantastic workmanship:

web pf fp 2012e

An unusual look at a spiral stair case showing of some fantastic design

Interiors Photography is about helping businesses tell a story to their clients, here is a little bit of the story behind these pictures. I like to give a little bit of BTS (Behind the Scene) information out on how I take my pictures. In this case I think I will mention the last image of the spiral stair case. This was taken hand held as the last picture on a shoot. I rarely shoot hand held but once I spotted this shot I knew I had to take it. There was no way to set up a clamp or tripod here so arm out stretched I held a Canon 5d mark 2 with a 17 mm TS L, I had to knock up the ISO to allow for a fast shooter speed so I had to use an extra layer of processing to reduce the digital noise.